Mom of teens,
we thought of you.

Teens, we thought
of you long and hard.

We know what it’s like to scrutinize an article of clothing, wondering, Is this good for her? Too mature? Too babyish?. Decisions like these challenged our diligent team as we set about to bring you a line that’s just right. The line that sealed the deal had all the chic, comfort and casualness of trending loungewear, but held an awesomeness that teen aficionados and their moms recognize and love.

And thus Minimawe was born.

The quintessential clothing choice, Minimawe packs in every nuance to cater to teens worldwide.

Minimal effort. Awesome results. The loungewear line you were waiting for.

Teen shopping should be awesome. We make it happen.

So let’s Minimawe.
Cuz that’s your mood
right now.